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Body Pillows for Cats

Tuff Toys for Tough Cats

These toys were especially designed for the "Industrial Strength Cat" You know...the kind that rips apart it's toys immediatly after starting to play with them.
In the 12 years Kitten Kabodle has been making "Intrustrial" strength toys only two have been returned...and one of those was played with by a d*g!

Super Mouse

If you have a Cat Toy Killer then this is the Toy for you! Guaranteed for ONE month not to come apart-it is constructed from upholstery material and is filled with three times the amount of Catnip that our Regular Catnip Mice have.

(30 Day Written Guaranty(approx. 4 1/2" long)



Crocheted Catnip Pillows

These catnip Pillows are hand-crocheted but very durable! In fact they are tough enough to stand up to the tough mauking of almost any housecat!  They are approximately 3" square and stuffed firmly with fiberfill and Gourmet Catnip.

(Our Choice of Colors)


smiling cat
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Rambo Mouse

Designed for the Industrial Strength Cat- Rambo Mouse is constructed of Highly Durable Army Camouflage Material and filled with twice as much Catnip as our

 Regular Catnip Mice.

30 Day Written Guaranty (approx. 4" long)


Also please be sure to check out our other "Tuff Toys for Tuff Cats" such as Rambo Cow-Catnip Balls-and even a Catnip Carrot!


Another Feline Favorite! Kitten Kaboodle has combined Kitty’s Favorites of a Ball of Yarn, a Bell, and Kitten Kaboodle’s Gourmet Catnip to make a Toy that is sure to please even the most Discerning Cat!


(guaranteed never to come unraveled!)

(Our Choice of Colors)

Cats Like Christmas too!