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Mice Have Rights Too!
Or at least that's what we are told so we put our heads together and came up with Catnip Vegetables for cats!


Little Carrots have plenty of Cat Appeal! Colorful Bright Orange Cotton-blend Polka-dot material is topped with a Pert Green Bow and Firmly stuffed with Fiberfil plus Our Wonderful Organic Catnip.

(approx. 4"long) polka-dot or plain orange available

$1.50 each

Imagine a fuzzy furry four inch long carrot that is topped with a head of bright green yarn and is stuffed with Kitten Kaboodles own Organic Catnip and you will be thinking of our very own fur carrots.  They are made from faux fur and topped with acrylic yarn and are a delight for any cat or kitten thats old enough to enjoy the pleasures of the magical herb.
Only $1.50 each

Catnip Fur Carrot

Kitten Kaboodle's Catnip

Above is a scanned image of Kitten Kaboodle's Gourmet Catnip.  This is the very same Catnip which we grow in our own Catnip Fields. 
While not a vegetable per se being as it is green and leafy we thought it would be good to place Catnip on the vegetable page also.
$1.00 per bag
(see also "catnip")

Cats Like Christmas too!