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2004 Christmas Toys

In this section you will find a few of the new (and old) toys that we are offering for the 2004 Christmas Season.


Really Kewl Kitties buy really kewl cat toys at Kitten Kaboodle!


Even cats like Candy Canes-Especially if they come from Kitten Kaboodle and are loaded with LOTS of Kitten Kaboodle's Organic Catnip!  Red and white striped tied with a bright green satin bow these "Candy Canes" are just right for Kitty's stocking or to wrap up for under the tree on Christmas morning. 
Only $1.50 each!


Santa's Cat "Jingles" has been busy collecting these Christmas print Catnip Mice just for you kitty.  They are made from colorful Christmas material tipped with a holiday green twine tail (just for the Christmas Mice) and stuffed with polyfil and our top quality organic Catnip!  Special plastic bag announcing Santa's Mouse's arrival at no extra cost.
Order early and place in a zip lock bag for Christmas!!
$1.50 ea.

Santa's Mice $1.50

Here is an extra stocking stuffer for your Cat or kitten-Don't forget the 3 inch Christmas Catnip Pillows!  Only three inches square but packed with delight for both you and the kitty.  Each pillow is stuffed with polyfil and loads of our organis catnip.  A sure hit for Christmas Morning!
Still only $1.50 

Christmas Catnip Pillows $1.50

Santa's Mouse on a Stick!  What a great Inter=active toy for you AND your cat or for someone who adores their cat and wants the purr-fect toy to play with the kitty.  A happy Santa Mouse in a bright Christmas print with a green twine tail just for Christmas!  Of course it is loaded with Kitten Kaboodle's Organic Catnip too!
$2.50 ea.


No Christmas would be complete without a Christmas card...from the Cat!
Here are three of our most popular designs.  All are exclusive and still sell for only $1.99 each.

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This is the ultimate in a picture Purr-fect gift!!  A Photo pocket stocking that you can stuff with any toy you wish (human or feline) and slip a picture of your favorite pet in the special plastic see-through pocket. 
NOT intended as a toy!
This 14 inch long stocking is available in a white snow flake pattern, plain plush velvet or in a gold glitter snowflake pattern.  You can suggest which you would prefer but we cannot guarenty due to their popularity.
only $3.00 


Just for the Holiday Season...Kitten Kaboodles Picture Purr-fect Holiday Stockings!  The stockings are made from premium qulity felt with attractive "pinked" edges and a "ruff" of Faux Fur but what makes these gift holders truly unique is the "pocket" on the front of the stocking made to hold a 5X7 picture of your favorite pet whether that be feline, canine or humine er..that should be human.  Great for the Multi cat family or as a hostess gift at that Christmas party.
The stocking itself with nothing in it sells for $2.50 but each 12" stocking contains 1 Santa Mouse, 1 Catnip Candy Cane, 1 package of Gourmet Catnip, 1 catnip carrot and one Tickler. That's an Eight dollar and fifty cent value for only five dollars! What a deal!
Only $5.00

Cats Like Christmas too!