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Did you know that there are 200 different types of Catnip in the world?  Regrettably only about 7 exist in the United States.

(Nepeta cataria)    C100
Perennial  3'  Full Sun  Hardy/Herbaceous  White  O,T
This plant is a perennial only until the cats find it, and they proceed to chew on it, roll in it, and have an amorous relationship with it until little is left of it! Give some to your cat and liven up a slow party. Caution: This plant has the same effect on lions and tigers! For humans however, catnip makes a very good sedative tea, much like chamomile.
Catnip, Lemon
(Nepeta cataria)    C105
Perennial  3'  Full Sun  Hardy/Herbaceous  White  O,T

All the virtues of catnip, but with a delightful lemon taste and scent. Makes a more palatable tea for humans, or a special treat for that finicky cat.

COMMON NAME: Camphor Catnip
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nepeta Camphorata
FAMILY: Labiatae
DESCRIPTION: Perennial. Low growing up to 18 inches. 
Flowers are white with purple dots. Camphor scented

COMMON NAME: Greek Catnip
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nepeta Parnassica
FAMILY: Labiatae
DESCRIPTION: Perennial. Low growing and more compact 
up to 18 inches. Leaves are a bit sweeter than other varieties. 
Flowers are white to pale pink and sometimes blue.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nepeta mussinii - Image

FAMILY: Labiatae
DESCRIPTION: Perennial. Low growing up to 12 - 14 inches. 
Flowers are brilliant purple/blue and leaves a gray green. Mint scented.

This is just to mention a few.

Kitten Kaboodle's Gourmet Catnip
$1.00 per bag

Hand Cut Gourmet Catnip
$1.00 per bag

Gourmet Catnip

Kitten Kaboodles own Gourmet Catnip. Grown in special fields on Whidbey Island and packaged in ziploc bags to preserve its unique quality! Even discriminating Cats prefer Kitten Kaboodle Gourmet Catnip!

Presidential Blend Catnip
A unique blend of Organic Catnip, Valerian and Cat Mint. $1.00 a bag

Kitten Kaboodle's own Presidential Blend Catnip!  This special blend consists of a potent mixture of Organic Catnip, Cat Mint and Valerian. The three herbs provide a unique aroma for the cat and your special Puss will have hours of fun just playing with (and eating) this special blend,

Kitten Kaboodle's Organic Catnip
$1.00 a bag

Kitten Kaboodle ofers to you and your cat this wonderful Certified Organic Catnip. Belive me it is the BEST ever!  Just right for refill toys and cat mats.

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