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Boogie Boards

We call them Boogie Boards but actually they are Flat Scratching Pads.

This is Little Boy relaxing on his Boogie Board.
(age 3 years)


Constructed from carpeting this scratching pad will give your kitty hours of fun and exercise! Just rub a little Catnip on the pad and lay it on the floor for Kitty.

(our choice of colors but special colors on request at a slight extra charge)


Boogie Boards are so much better than those cardboard scratching pads that you buy in the pet store or the super market.  For one thing you can control the amount of Catnip your cat can have each time he goes to it.  The second but most important thing is you cat will not be tempted to EAT what come off of the pad.  There are many cats that have become ill from injesting the cardboard scraps that they rip off of the cardboard scratchers.


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